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Serbu RN-50 3D Printed Carbon Composite Thumbhole Rifle Stock V2.0

RN-50 Carbon Fiber Composite Thumbhole Rifle stock – Now Available! Parts available in a temperature and chemical resistant PETG plastic (unfinished). Material may be sanded to a smooth or weathered finished. Through-bolt design makes for easier production and assembly while adding further strength to the body of the stock.

Serbu RN-50 3D Printed Composite Wood Thumbhole Rifle Stock

The Serbu Firearms RN-50 is a minimal break action rifle chambered in .50 BMG. It is an attractive option for a rifle of its caliber at a reasonable price point. Though the RN-50 accepts a standard AR-15 pistol grip and buffer tube, the relative position of these components is not the same as a MIL-Spec […]

Capacitor Charger Revisited

Over the past few years I have revisited my coilgun and capacitor charging projects several times. My first attempt at designing a LT3751 flyback capacitor charger was never functional, possibly due to poor soldering and a bad PCB layout. My second attempt lacked technical ambition and simply involved slapping an ebay LM2596 adjustable voltage step-down regulator […]

AirBooster and JetQuad Development

Preface: Last year I began assisting in the development of the AirBooster, a scale jet-powered vertical take-off and landing vehicle funded by FusionFlight. I expressed an interest in the rapid prototyping, design and construction of a functional vehicle utilizing my PX4 Development Kit for Simulink as a basis for the flight control system. The project was hindered […]