Monthly Archives: March 2012

Black Vortex Megapirates 2.5.1 R2

With the release of Megapirates 2.5.1 R2 I decided to test it out on my Black Vortex. With the latest software I was also able to use the apc220 wireless telemetry module with mission planner 1.1.54 without any modifications to the megapirates software. I found the connection much more responsive than with 2.0.49 using the […]

Black Vortex MultiWii

LED sequence functions: [LED A] ON: Armed [LED A] OFF: Disarmed [LED B] ON: Stabilize mode ON [LED B] OFF: Stabilize mode OFF, or accelerometer not calibrated or accelerometer inclined [LED C] ON: GPS fixed [LED C] OFF: NO GPS fix [LED A & B] Flashing: Gyroscope and accelerometer are calibrating   Motor Assignments: MultiWii […]

Xaircraft X4 Drone

This is my build log for the Xaircraft X4 drone. The accompanying bill of materials can be found here. This build is intended to be priced somewhere between the budget multicopter and a professional aerial photography platform. Some of the components used for this build rival those of professional aerial photography platforms, however, it has not been […]