Black Vortex MultiWii

LED sequence functions:

[LED A] ON: Armed

[LED A] OFF: Disarmed

[LED B] ON: Stabilize mode ON

[LED B] OFF: Stabilize mode OFF, or accelerometer not calibrated or accelerometer inclined

[LED C] ON: GPS fixed


[LED A & B] Flashing: Gyroscope and accelerometer are calibrating


Motor Assignments:

MultiWii M0 ==> Digital Pin 3 ==> BlackVortex M2
MultiWii M1 ==> Digital Pin 5 ==> BlackVortex M3
MultiWii M2 ==> Digital Pin 6 ==> BlackVortex M4
MultiWii M3 ==> Digital Pin 2 ==> BlackVortex M1
MultiWii M4 ==> Digital Pin 7 ==> BlackVortex M5
MultiWii M5 ==> Digital Pin 8 ==> BlackVortex M6
MultiWii M6 ==> Digital Pin 11 ==> BlackVortex M7
MultiWii M7 ==> Digital Pin 12 ==> BlackVortex M8

Starting at the front motor [+] or front left motor [x/v] and moving clockwise

Bi = M2, M5 Servo, M3, M6 Servo
Tri = M1, M3, M4, M6 Servo
Quad + = M1, M3, M2, M4
Quad x = M1, M3, M2, M4
Quad v = M4, M1, M2, M3
Y4 [Top/Bottom] = M1, M3, M2/M4
Y6 [Top/Bottom] = M4/M6, M3/M5, M2/M1
Hex + = M5, M3, M2, M6, M4, M1
Hex x = M1, M3, M5, M2, M4, M6
Hex v = M6, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5
X8 [Top/Bottom] = M1/M8, M3/M6, M2/M5, M4/M7
Octo + = M5, M3, M6, M4, M7, M1, M8, M2
Octo x = M5, M3, M6, M4, M7, M1, M8, M2
Octo v = M8, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7
Vtail = M1, M3, M2, M4′


Serial Telemetry:

– For APC220 use the following settings:

#define SERIAL_COM_SPEED 57600 //Default is ‘115200’
#define SERIAL_PORT 3 //Default serial port ‘0’, Alternative ‘3’

– For bluetooth use the following settings:

#define SERIAL_COM_SPEED 115200 //Default is ‘115200’
#define SERIAL_PORT 3 //Default serial port ‘0’, Alternative ‘3’

– Setting the serial port to ‘3’ will redirect all USB telemetry data.

– The APC220 functions at a 57600 baud. Therefore, it is incompatible with the 115200 baud of multiwii config. Wireless telemetry is currently only supported by the latest beta release of MultiWii WinGUI. The sensor refresh rate must be set to 10Hz or lower to properly acquire data.



MultiWii Black Vortex



Change Log:

7/18/12 –  Updated to MultiWii 2.1.

7/07/12 – Updated to release candidate 2.1 r964. Support for wireless serial telemetry (WinGUI Only).

7/04/12 – Updated to release candidate 2.1 r949. New frame types. Support for wireless serial telemetry (WinGUI Only).

07/02/12 – *BETA* Updated to release candidate 2.1 r949. Pre-release beta, serial telemetry has not yet been ported. New frame types.

06/11/12 – *BETA* Updated to dev_20120606 and fixed gimbal servo jitter.

Serial telemetry on port 3 is partially working. For APC220 use MultiWiiConf dev 20120606 [57600 Baud].

06/03/12 – *BETA* Updated to dev_20120528 (As of now, not all features may be fully supported)

Changes in the serial communication protocol may leave port 3 telemetry broken until I can modify multiwiiconf. WinGui may not currently support the latest serial communication protocol.

05/03/12- Support for Camera Gimbal Stabilization *Known Jitter*

04/18/12 – Added support for Serial Telemetry on Port 3 (Successfully tested using APC220 and WinGUI)

04/09/12 – Added Usercode and Relay Trigger

04/08/12 – Fixed I2C address error in MultiWii 2.0.

03/30/12 – Updated code to official MultiWii 2.0 release.


More information about MultiWii can be found here.