1200W Flyback Driven Capacitor Charger

This is a 12ooW charger which uses a coilcraft GA3460-BL flyback transformer in conjunction with the LT3751 microchip. In theory it is capable of charging a 12000uF 400V capacitor in only a few seconds. The LT3751 microchip controls the charging of the capacitor and offers charging cutoff and safety features. The charger is powered by a 4s 2200mAh Li-Po battery pack capable of 20c continuous discharging. This supplies the charger with 740 watts of power.

Being that this was only my second attempt at surface mount soldering, unfortunately, several of the solder pads beneath the resistors were damaged. I am unable to be sure whether or not the charging circuit would have been functional and I decided to abandon the project due to the danger of working with such high powers.