TH9X (Turnigy 9x) FPV Ground Station

This is my solution to having an inexpensive FPV ground station. One of its greatest benefits is being able to easily redirect the direction of the FPV antenna without the need for an expensive antenna tracker. Keep in mind that this is made to be an inexpensive FPV platform.


Parts List:

[Qty. 1] 20cm Servo Leads

[Qty. 1] 15cm Y-Harness

[Qty. 1] Fly Sky TH-9X or Similar Radio

[Qty. 1] M3 20mm Socket Head Bolts

[Qty. 1] M3 Nuts

[Qty. 1] 1/4″ Aluminum Channel

[Qty. 1] 26 AWG Sheet Metal

[Qty. 1] 5.8 GHz 200mW TX/RX

[Qty. 1] 4.3″ TFT LCD or Similar LCD

[Qty. 1] 5.8 GHz Patch Antenna (Optional)

[Qty.1] Size M Power Plug


First I cut and drilled the panels for the mounting bracket.

Then I opened up my transmitter and drilled four 1/8″ holes for mounting the bracket through.

While the transmitter was opened, I wired the battery charging port on my radio to the +/- terminals of the pcb that lead to the battery pack. Although this consumes more of your radio’s power it is simple and allows the battery voltage of you FPV and radio equipment to be shown on the screen.

Finally I assembled the brackets together and wired up all of the components. There is very minimal wiring involved in this setup because I have created a universal futaba connection between all components that carries 12V, video signal, and ground. The power from the transmitter is wired through a futaba Y-harness that joins the video signal between the receiver and LCD as well as distributing power to each component. The power jack plugs right into the side of the 9X but it must be unplugged in order to prevent it from consuming power even when the radio is powered off.