Super Simple Mini Spider Hexacopter


Bill of Materials:

[Qty. 1] Super Simple Mini Spider Hexacopter Frame

[Qty. 1] CC3D Flight Controller

[Qty. 2] APC 5545E Electric Prop {or} 5030 Prop

[Qty. 2] APC 5545EP Electric Prop {or} 5030R Prop

[Qty. 1] 36mm Power Distribution Board

[Qty. 1] 1800mAh 3S 40C LiPo

[Qty. 1] XT60 Connector Pair

[Qty. 12] M2x12mm Bolt

[Qty. 3] RCX 1804R Brushless Motor {or} [Qty. 3] RCX 1804 Brushless Motor (6 Total)

[Qty. 3] RCX 1804 Brushless Motor

[Qty. 6] RCX 10A SimonK ESC

[Qty. 8] M3x5mm+6mm Nylon Spacer {or} [Qty. 8] M3x8mm Nylon Screw

[Qty. 8] M3x5mm Nylon Screw

[Qty. 8] M3 Nylon Nut

[Qty.~] Cable Ties

[Qty.~] 18AWG Red Wire

[Qty.~] 18AWG Black Wire


This frame ships as two frame halves. The frame halves should be carefully assembled by applying thick CA glue to both faces of each side of the joints before joining. If necessary, add more CA glue into the joints once compressed to insure minimal air gaps within the joints. After applying adequate CA glue and ensuring minimal air gaps, CA accelerator may be used to help rapidly cure the joint. The roll bar may be attached using four zip ties.

For further assembly tips and photos, please see my build log for the Super Simple Mini H-Quad.

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